Frequently asked questions

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Buy-in-France.com offer ?

A. Buy-in-France.com is an easy to use property website which advertises residential properties and commercial businesses for sale from all over France.
Q. How do I search for a property
A. Searching for a property can be achieved in a number of ways
Search by category from the drop down menu to right, choose the menu options for Properties for Sale, or Businesses for Sale.
Search by location from the drop down menu, for example choosing the Aquitaine region will bring up a second drop down menu where you can then select one of the Departements in Aquitaine.
You can also Search using the search bar at the top, entering a "keyword" - for example a type of property or a town or city then press Return to bring up a list of properties in that area.
Q. How do I save the properties that I find ?
A. Saving properties can be achieved in three ways, you can use your browsers bookmark feature or you can set up a free account in just a few easy steps and save your chosen properties directly on the account for viewing at a later date. Alternatively you can print the property details page by clicking the "print" link
Q. How do I find out more information about the property
A. On the Property Details page click the "Contact Owner" link and this will bring up a respsonder form which you can complete in a few seconds. Click "Send" and your question will be emailed directly to the relevant property owner for a quick response.