Selling your property in France

Selling your French Property -
How to beat the odds in tough times


If you're serious about selling your French property in the current economic climate, you need to take matters into your own hands. Putting it with a French estate agent is not the solution! You'll pay them a hefty wad - of between 3 and 5% of the selling price - for doing not a lot - and chances are it could take two to three years to get the job done. On a typical property selling for €300,000, that could mean as much as €15k in agent's fees added to your selling price, making it uncompetitive with other similar properties which are being sold privately.
But Buy-in-France.com can get the job done for as little as £250 - in a fraction of the time taken by an estate agent - by promoting to a much wider audience and by simplifying the communication channel betweeen Buyer and Seller.
So your house will have a major price advantage in a very competitive market.
It's a no brainer, really!
We have over ten years' experience of dealing with French Property Owners through our property portal websites which include market leader - Rent-in-France.co.uk.
We have a massive direct marketing mailing list of over 1 million subscribers who receive our French property email newsletters every month, so we will be generating lots of visitor traffic to Buy-in-France.com.
If you're serious about selling your French Property, here are Ten Very Compelling Reasons to list your French property with Buy-in-France.com . . .
  • A single, one-off, low fee for either a 6 month or "Until Sold" property listing
  • Absolutely NO agent's fee or commissions
  • Fast-track listing process to create your listing and go live with it in about 15 mins
  • All enquiries are sent direct to you by email or text message, so no delays
  • We'll help you create your advert for FREE
  • Upload up to 20 photos, 5 documents and 5 special deals or announcements
  • 24x7 access to add and update your listing, change photos, etc
  • World-wide site promotion with Social Networks & Google
  • Property-specific search engine keywords to fine-tune Google indexes
  • Our helpful and friendly Customer Service
Single one-off listing fee.
You can run your property listing on Buy-in-France.com for either:
6 months or "Until Sold". There are no extras; just a single one-off payment to be made when you create your advert on Buy-in-France.com. We never charge any commission fees.
Quick and easy sign up.
There are JUST 4 very simple steps to placing an advert on Buy-in-France.com 
1. Fill in our simple Registration Form
2. Create your Property advert
3. Pay and publish your advert 
4. Receive enquiries and take bookings direct from potential buyers
Alternatively, just call our sales team on +44 (0)20 8144 3950 or email us via our 'Contact Us' page and tell us your requirements for advertising - we will do the rest!!
No Extra Hidden Charges.  
Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge extra for certain features. Our one-off listing fee includes everything - a Full page Description with high-lighted Features list, 20 Colour Photos, Website link, Property-specific Google keywords, a special deals announcements section, Unlimited updates or photo changes.
More information on the listing features can be seen on our Compare Advertisement Packages Page
We'll Create your Advert for FREE!  
Book your property advert on Buy-in-France.com today and our sales staff will do all the hard work for you! We will take the hassle out of creating the listing your French property or business and get your advert up 'live' within a few hours, so you can begin to receive enquiries the very same day!! 
Our experienced web design team can lift the necessary description and photos from your own website and/or an existing advert you may have on another site - so you don't have to send us new copy and photos. Just point us in the right direction! 
When we've finished creating your advert, we'll email you your Property Owner Account details, so that you can amend your advert as much as you like, add more photos,  create special deals or upload document files such as floor plans or maps. But remember, we are still here to make any INSTANT CHANGES for you as well - For no added cost!!
24 hour access to add and update your property details.  
Every advertiser on Buy-in-France.com will have their own unique property owner account login, which they can use at any time of the day to login and amend anything on their adverts - whether it be add/change photos, amend prices, details, documents etc..
A potential audience of millions.  
Our reachable audience is the many thousands of UK, US and European francophiles who have made the decision to buy in France. They are then able to contact you directly, through your listing details and can make a spontaneous decision, right there and then, if your property is what they are looking for. 
World-wide site promotion.  
Our carefully targeted, ongoing promotional campaigns will ensure that potential buyers automatically choose BuyaHolidayHouse.com as their first port of call when seeking information about French properties and businesses for sale.  Our current promotional campaign ensures that hundreds of property searches for all the most popular French regions bring us up to the top, or very near the top, of major search engines such as Google! In addition, we regularly invest in paid sponsored search engine advertising and run adverts in the national broadsheets - As a result, our owners will receive more leads! 
Property-specific Search Engine keywords.  
Unlike other sites, you can fine-tune your own keywords and meta tags. This will ensure that individual property listings appear near the top on the major search engines! Buyers will be able to click straight into your property listing and make an instant enquiry about your property directly to you 
Friendly Customer service.  
At Buy-in-France.com we appreciate that our owners have different levels of experience and expertise in promoting their property investments - So our polite staff are always here to help in any way they can. Email us using the 'Contact Us' form in the menu above, or call +44 (0)20 8144 3950. 
We constantly strive to improve!  
Despite the successful feedback from our owners, we are never fully content with how Buy-in-France.com could ultimately perform. We are continuously improving our listing displays and features, the search facilities for potential holidaymakers and buyers, with more unique content about France and the french property scene, added daily in order to further boost our search engine rankings!
Private Sellers.
A listing in Buy-in-France.com will ensure that your property can be seen instantly by millions of potential buyers worldwide. These buyers then contact you direct by phone or email so that you can arrange viewings and negotiate your own sale terms. There are absolutely no agents fees or commissions payable - which will save you thousands of Euros in estate agents' fees.
To list your property on Buy-in-France.com, just click this link to register as a property owner, then logon and create your listing. You can choose to display your listing for 3, 6 or 12 months.
Please contact our sales team if you need any further information.