Affordable Property Markets In France

If you are wondering how to get the most for your money and which cities are the most affordable, then look no further.

While cities such as Paris and Lyon are becoming increasingly unaffordable, city living is still attainable for those with tighter budgets, so long as you are willing to broaden your search area and keep an open mind. Buyers are now retreating to the countryside for bargains and holiday hideaways.

So if you're a savvy investor, keep reading to learn about the most affordable cities to invest!

The cheapest city to buy a property is Saint-Étienne in Rhône-Alpes at an attractive €1,348 per square metre. Limoges (the capital of Limousin) is quite a bargain aswell at €1,506 per square metre. Nîmes in Occitanie is equally as economic with an average of €1, 533 per square metre. Mulhouse in Alsace and the port city of Brest in Brittany complete our list of France’s most affordable property markets at €1,621 and €1,887 per square metre respectively.