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Centre real estate investment in villas, houses or apartments in France. Search our Buy-in-France property for sale directory to find villas in the Centre region of France. Whether you are looking to buy a Centre villa, house or apartment, we hope you find your dream property in this beautiful region of France. Centre includes three historical regions of France - Orleans in the north, Berry in the south-east and Touraine which is south-west of the Centre region. The departements in the modern Centre region are: Eure-et-Loir | Indre-et-Loire |  Loir-et-Cher | Loiret | Indre and Cher. The main feature of Centre is the Loire Valley which is home to many of the most famous chateaux of France. The region has excellent facilities including good hospitals, schools and universities. France's eastern Loire Valley was the epicenter of French royalty and features amazing chateaux and cathedrals, including Notre Dame de Chartres - one of the finest gothic architecture buildings in France and Bourges Cathedral - now a UNESCO world heritage site.