How to create your Property Listing

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating your
Listing on

Step 1

If you are a new customer you will be asked to fill in this simple registration form. 
If you have already registered, go to step 2.  
After submitting the Registration Form you will be sent an email with your username & password.

Step 2

Once you have registered using the form above, or are an existing customer, you will be asked to login on this page. Enter the username and password that you received by email and press Submit.


Step 3

Once logged in with your unique username and password, you will arrive at your personal Account Dashboard page. From here you can Add or Amend your properties, photos, documents, special offers and announcements aand keep track of responses to your Advert Listing. You can also view your listing orders, invoices and payments. The Dashboard is where you control every aspect of your Property Listing(s).

To submit a new Property Listing, click the Advertise menu option below.

Step 4

Next, choose the advert period - either a 6 Month insertion or a Continuous Listing until you sell your property. 

Step 5

Next, choose the Primary Category that is applicable to the property that you want to create an advert for - eg. If you own a villa for sale, you would click the "Properties for Sale" option; then, from the drop down menu simply select "Villas" radio button; then click the Submit button.

Step 6

On the next screen you will be able to add all the information about your property; its location, description, photos, special features, amenities, local activities and attractions, Google Map reference and your contact details. Please also refer to the "Optimising your Listing Pagefor more detailed information and tips on completing this section.

Here's a brief synopsis for completing the Listing Content form above:

This can be up to 120 chars and should be a very concise sentence about what you are selling and its approximate location. Only use alphabetic and numeric characters and avoid speech marks, commas, dashes, etc.

Friendly URL:
This will be inserted as an automatically generated, hyphenated string.

Short Description & Description:
Again, be concise but include as much relevant detail about your property as possible. You can increase the size of the entry box by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.

The words or phrases you insert here are used by the website's internal keyword search engine when a visitor to the site uses the Keyword Search function.

Address 1 & 2:
You only need to include information here if you want to display it on your listing. If your house is vacant a lot of the time, because your main residence is elsewhere, you are better not declaring the full postal address of the property.

These are two cascading select fields to accurately locate your property by its French Region and Departement. Selecting the correct location for your property is very important because it is used for searches and the Google Map co-ordinates.

Location Text3:
Insert the Town or Village when your property is located. This information is also used for Searches and the Google Map reference. In 99.5% of cases these two locations provide accurate placement info for Google Maps but if necessary, you can manually insert grid co-ordinates.

make sure you include your email address. This is used by BAHH to send you details of respsonses to your Advert Listing. It is not displayed to the public.

Price & Price Qualifier:
Enter the asking price of your property or business in Euros. This should be a numeric value only, with no commas, spaces or currency symbols. The Price Qualifier is optional. 

The next few boxes are used to display your contact information and key information about your property. Entering complete information here will save time in answering questions later in protracted email exchanges with your potential buyer!

Main Image:
Upload the main image for your property. Your will be able to upload additional photos to your gallery once you have submitted the main content for your advert.

Features 1-10:
You can insert key selling points about your property in these boxes. These will be displayed on your advert listing as a indented bullet-list. 

When you have completed the remaining fields, click the Submit button to upload your Advert. Your will then be taken to a PayPal payment screen, where you can pay via PayPal's own secure payment page when you can use single click payments if you have a PayPal account or use major Credit and Debit cards if you don't have a PayPal account.

If you have received a discount code as part of a combined advert plan or special offer, you may use this here to reduce the cost of your advert. Once you have paid for your listing, you will be returned to your Account Dashboard, where you can view your advert(s) by clicking on the My Adverts menu link. You will see your Listing(s) on a screen similar to the one shown below:

You can edit your Listing by clicking on the Edit Advert link in the relevant  Manage column of the Listings Table, shown above. To access the other features of your Advert Listing, click on the Images/Docs link. Here you will be able to Upload Gallery Images, Documents such as maps and floor plans and also create Special Offer Panels, linked to your main Directory Listing.

If you have a large number of listings you can locate it quickly by searching your Advert portfolio by Listing Ref Number.

You can Preview your Directory Listing from your Dashboard screen by clicking on the Listing Title in the Product/Service column, shown above. This displays the Public View of how your Advert will look. Et voila !

To ensure the best possible response from your Property Listing on Buy-in-France.com, checkout our Hints & Tips for Optimising your Listing and Using the Social Networks to promote Your property Sale

If you have any questions regarding the creation or publication of your Advert Listing, please contact us via our 
Support Form. Our team will respond asap.  Good luck with your Directory Listing !